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Fiori e bouquet per il grande Giorno del Matrimonio

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What’s your wedding style?

Flowers and their colors speak in a secret code creating emotions and feelings. They affect the atmosphere of a room and the mood of a moment, and cast a spell none of us is immune to. Our job as event decorator and floral designer is to master the language of flowers to make wedding celebrations unique, with their own style and character. There are no rules. You may combine the quiet restraint of a classic style with blatant tones of purple, red, orange and cerise of tropical style or combine a simple and understated floral design with a touch of oddness. These general categories are merely guidelines to help you to make your statement and find your way towards the unique expression you wish to convey to your guests on your wedding day during the ceremony, the reception and the party.



There are certain flowers, colors, textile and styles of arrangements that create a decidedly romantic style. Small rose buds, tulips, baby breath, lilies, peonies, lilac, lisianthus, ranunculas, anemonas, viburnum, and hydrangeas complemented with delicate greenery are blossoms that we consider typically romantic. This floral style is naturally opulent and lush, often with blooms and greenery cascading over the edge of the container. Soft and hyper feminine, these blooms give the essence of timeless romance especially in combination with light layers of tulle and organza. Pale pink or lilac and light green, pure white or warmer ivory are popular colours in romantic weddings.


Timeless Elegance

The classic or timeless style is perfect for formal and semiformal settings. In general the color schemes appropriate with this balanced and harmonic floral style are contained or within the same color range. The arrangements are typically abundant yet somewhat contained in style. In general blossoms that work well in a formal classical style are roses, calla lilies, peonies, and orchids. Also complementing this style are lisianthus, tulips, ranunculas, and hydrangeas


Minimal chic

The real contemporary, understated, gorgeous wedding is all about the power of simplicity and the impact of color, which can be tailored to any budget, always to stunning effect. The simplicity of the floral arrangements is always the key point. It’s all about the colour and shape of both the flowers and their containers that make them so perfectly elegant and lovely to look at. Pairing the arrangements with a complementary background color is also a great way to set off the rich depth of color in the flowers or creating striking flower arrangements using only one or two types of blooms.

The arrangements in this style typically have a clean aesthetic made of geometrical lines and an architectural look. They are beautiful in their simplicity and unpretentiousness and can look sophisticated and refined or smart and playful. A wedding done in this style can easily match all color ranges and combinations.


Tropical Lush

Many more brides now can’t resist the call of tropical wedding flowers because they are brightly coloured, have a modern, chic look and most of them are available year-round. In combination with the colourful flowers, tropical leaves can make a huge difference to the tropical arrangements. Summery coloured gerberas, vibrant gloriosas, exotic heliconias and anthuriums as well as orchids and yellow billy buttons can be arranged into striking designs for wedding ceremony rooms and receptions. The yellow, orange, pink and red colours will brighten any room and make colourful centerpieces.



This floral style is naturally simple. A country-style wedding offers a huge range of possibilities for flower décor, since any of nature’s creations can be used in a back-to-the-earth, rustic approach. Daisies and colorful bunches of mixed wildflowers, solidago, high-impact sunflowers as well as showy dahlias, bluebells, spray roses, zinnias, daffodils, and lilac all are perfect choices for a country wedding. Combined with berries, fruit, dogwood branches and spices they offer an even more authentic, natural feeling. Wooden or wire baskets or glass jars also give a wonderful country feel to a floral arrangement. Decorative tin lanterns or vintage bird cages can be used as flower holders as long as herbs like lavender, sage and rosemary can be combined with flowers to add scent and color in a homey fashion.