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The bridal bouquet unveils your personality Follow us on Facebook

Your perfect wedding bouquet

Fashion is not arithmetic and a beautiful gown plus a beautiful wedding bouquet doesn’t always equal to a beautiful combination! The bridal bouquet is a great way to make a highly personal statement. It should complement the bride’s personality, proportions (no matter what size the bride is, the bouquet should always be in proportion to her), and attire, remaining in the general theme of the day. Whether your bouquet is smaller and more tailored, with more opulent and glamorous flowers or created with natural materials, woven or covering frames, as well as adorned with  textile add-ons or other embellishments (pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, etc) the choice of the bridal bouquet is one of the crucial choices a bride to be is called to make. We will help you with our expertise to select the right choice in proportion to the size of the bride and pairing the style of the gown and the entire event.

Our suggestion: get ready before your wedding flower consultation gathering pictures and photos of your gown to share with your flower designer. This one simple and easy step will definitively help you to make the right choice and select your perfect bridal bouquet!