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flormidable was born out of the idea of two sisters who have combined the passion for flowers to work experiences developed in other fields.

Milena has a degree in Communications Science and over 15 years experience in marketing communications and event organization. Having worked for several leading brands in various industries, she has developed a truly international experience.

Michela is an expert in textile design and has worked with several designers to create fashion collections for both high end couture range and mass market range.

Together they took over the family business and founded flormidable, an English speaking wedding and floral design studio offering unique floral arrangements for weddings and events in Italy. The flower decoration of interiors and events is our calling. Whether they’re private or business, flowers bring a distinctive look to any environment and add the vow element to every event. As your floral consultant we can work directly with you or with your wedding planner as well to help make sure that your special day turns out beautifully.

flormidable is conveniently based in the nearby of Malpensa Airport and covers the Milan area and the Lake District in the North/West of Italy embracing the Lake Como, Maggiore and Orta and their beautiful surroundings and magnificent venues.